Descriptive Analytics & BI tool Traning
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MotionBoard is a next-generation BI dashboard that helps business managers and users accelerate business performance. It gives you the power to analyze and visualize all of your business data in one place, in real-time, in a matter of seconds.


Use everything from Excel file to big data

Compatible with wide-ranging data sources. You can choose the processing method that best suits your business. Direct connections allow data visualization in real time and bulk data can be processed in-memory at high speed.

  • HiRDB

  • IBM DB2

  • IBM DB2 for i

  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database        

  • Microsoft SQL

  • My SQL

  • Oracle

  • Oracle RAC

  • Postgre SQL

  • Files
  • CSV

  • Excel

  • Services
  • Dr. Sum Datalizer / Dr. Sum EA Datalizer

  • Apache Spark

  • Google Analytics

  • Red Hot JBoss

  • DWHs
  • Dr. Sum / Dr. Sum EA

  • Amazon Aurora

  • Amazon Redshift

  • Enterprise DB

  • FUJITSU Symfoware Server    

  • Treasure Data

  • IBM DB2 for i

  • Greenplum

  • HAWQ

  • HiRDB

  • HADB

  • HP Vertica

  • IBM PureData System

  • IBM Infomix Server

  • Maria DB

  • Oracle Exadata

  • SAP IQ

  • SAP SQL Anywhere


  • Teradata

  • Tibero

  • FUJITSU Software Symfoware Analytics Server

  • Cloud storages
    Amazon S3
    Dropbox for Business
    OneDrive for Business        
    Box Business / Enterprise
    Google Drive for Work

    Link on-premise and cloud Easily and Securely

    Bridge Service lets you use data from various in-house databases without sending it to the cloud. It eliminates the need to build leased-line or VPN infrastructure and is easy to introduce without VPN technical expertise.


    Combine data from multiple sources

    Data from multiple sources or systems can easily be combined for display in a single dashboard.


    Share reports across the entire company

    Daily reports can be generated automatically from the dashboard as Excel and PowerPoint files. MotionBoard serves as an infrastructure for business reporting.


    Descriptive Analytics & BI tool Online Training Course

    This course aims to provide the necessary concepts and tools on how to properly handle, process, analyze and interpret data using N-PAX BI CLOUD powered by MotionBoard.

    This course will help the participants on how to appropriately analyze data and create effective dashboard reports.

    It will generally improve the analytical literacy and skills of participants

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    Motionboard Demo Dashboard

    You can check the actual demo screen of MotionBoard from the following. Anyone can intuitively create a dashboard with easy operation.


    Customer Usage Analysis

    See the demo...

    Dr.Sum vs. SQL Server Loading Speed Comparison

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