Boost factory productivity by digitalizing
hidden elements with Kaizen-driven
IoT solutions



An on-site paperless solution for factories, warehouses and more. R-PAD converts all handwritten paper forms into iPad data entry forms. Visualize real-time conditions and analyze problems with various graphs based on Japanese quality control methods.



cloud support

Digital input in current forms copied onto Tablet,
achieves easier & accurate data entry and data storage.


Stored data can be analyzed with various diagrams, charts and graphs.

mcframeGA Key Features

Analysis Dashboard

All data can be reviewed using the analysis dashboard, where data sets can be retrieved with simple search functions.

View materials such as diagrams and operation manuals in multiple file formats.


SIGNAL CHAIN automatically collects utilization information from machines, new and old, using IoT devices attached to signal towers. This is a simple, quick and cost-effective solution bearing a highly efficient Return on Investment.

Monitor and analyze operational status of manufacturing facility

Evaluate performance of manufacturing group and plant

mcframeGA Key Features


Clear visualization of real-time machine status can be conveniently grouped between plants, departments, lines etc.

Equipment Details

Daily, weekly and monthly detailed records can be analyzed and evaluated.

Email Alert

Set email alerts with detailed trigger conditions for quick reactions to stoppages and other time-sensitive occurrences.

Downtime Cause Analysis

Makes it easy to recognize downtime tendencies and frequently occurring problems.

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