Capital Participation of B-EN-G to N-PAX Cebu

by N-Pax

Posted on 2020-09-29

Business Engineering Co., Ltd. “B-EN-G” headed by its President, Masanori Osawa, established a partnership with N-PAX Cebu a subsidiary of N-PAX Philippines, Inc. N-PAX Cebu’s main business area is in the development and implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Human Resource Companion (HRC) systems mainly in the Philippine Market.

The partnership has started in December 2017, when N-PAX Philippines, Inc. and Toyo Business Engineering Singapore, collaborate to introduce to the market a global accounting system McframeGA. The two companies are led by N-PAX’s President and CEO Mr. Takahiro Toda and B-EN-G Singapore’s Managing Director Mr. Motoshi Yamashita. These new capital ventures of Business Engineering Co. Ltd. “B-EN-G” with N-PAX Cebu will strengthen further the relationship between B-EN-G and N-PAX. Over the last seven years the Philippine GDP continues to grow with an annual growth of 6%, with this economic trend and the expertise of N-PAX in systems implementation of ERP, accounting and HR systems, sales and market share of McframeGA is expected to grow. N-PAX Cebu will also strengthen its technical support and sales from B-EN-G head office.

Business Engineering Co., Ltd. is a business engineering company with abundant experience centering on ERP, ranging from IT planning, business consulting for BPR implementation, IT introduction consulting to system construction services and operation services. In addition, we have accumulated achievements in global expansion support with five overseas subsidiaries in China (Shanghai), Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and the United States, and partners around the world.

In Photo from left: Motoshi Yamashita (B-EN-G Singapore MD), Wilson Ng (N-Pax CFO), Takahiro Toda (N-Pax CEO), Masanori Osawa (B-EN-G CEO), Jimmy Flores (N-pax EVP), and Ken Kitai (SEO, B-EN-G Global Business).