Document Control

by Ronel Baluntang

Posted on 2020-10-23


Document Control is a vital process in every enterprise organization. 

In an organization, paper and electronic documents are the main mediums for data processing in its day to day operations. All to do with transferring information between relevant parties.  Managing these enterprise-related documents during creation, review, modification, distribution, storage and accessibility, has to be established in a consistent, standardized and a controlled manner.

When enforcing these process and practices, an organization usually fails in optimizing its workload as these tasks become time-consuming to regulate and yet holds a very important role to its success.  In an organization, one must ensure information transmitted are accurate from end-to-end.

And so, dedicated Document Control Personnel which holds the role to manage these

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by Ronel Baluntang

Posted on 2020-10-21

What we can properly measure, is what we can improve and optimize.”  This is a common truth about the continuous performance process.  And of course, these improvements and optimizations are needed to be monitored to see its results and gather adjustments for the next performance improvement cycle.

When talking about Inventory Control, doing all the proper measuring, optimizing and monitoring of your warehouse inventory is not just a walk in the park.  And yes, the bigger the volume of your inventory, the strenuous it gets.

A basic requirement, is for you is to have a comprehensive process. Within your processes, you may choose to equip with tools for better speed and convenience.  Fortunately, with the advancement of the technology, these tools have become very handy and readily available to be integrated to variou

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by Ronel E. Baluntang

Posted on 2020-09-01

As a knotty wave and a rapid increase of data in the unprecedented development of technology, business owners tend to grab the opportunity to enhance their key competitive advantage strategies to cope up the the business warehouse trends. Hence, the evolution and development of different types of warehouse management systems started. Business Analysts state that WMS is very essential to the plethora of business industry since this is still thriving and unfathomable. Although using this system has its own pros and cons. Somehow, it enhances the warehouse management practices at the same it can also go down in flames. Here are some of the major challenges that can be encountered in a warehouse management process:

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Non-Contact Volumetric (NXPERT EON)

by Ralph Anthony De Luna

Posted on 2020-09-01

Biodiesel Plant Case Study

Measurement is a vital part of continuous improvement. After all, only those processes that can be measured can be managed. Only those processes that can be managed can be improved. But manual measurement is time costly and prone to error. So, who did we get to continue from there? Stay with me as I discuss how we solved the problems of a Biodiesel Plant with the utilization of Internet of Things (IOT) and SCADA software we developed N-XPERT EON.

As system developers from the IOT Team, we utilized the latest technology to solve modern problems or improve processes. One such example was the usage of interconnectivity of devices to automate the receiving of delivering raw material in a Biodiesel Diesel Plant. The Plant migrated from paper to automation utilizing tablets and internet of things to speed up the Receiving of Raw materials as wel

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