N-Pax Group

Reliable . Intuitive . Powerful


Corporate Philosophy

N-Pax Group applies synergy among members and stakeholders to achieve a common goal in exceeding clients’ expectations. Providing solutions to business enterprises, guiding clients to accomplish task and to deliver results are some of N-Pax’s objectives.The mainstay of our strategy will be to offer a level of client focus that is superior to what our competitors have to offer.

In this era, we recognize that systematic integration of information is the key for fast progress. With this in our minds, we make all possible ways for our clients to be equipped and to have an edge in the local and global competition by providing them IT services and business solutions that they can rely on.


N-Pax Group envisions itself to be one of the leading business solution and IT service provider.


N-Pax Group will work to provide high quality products and services that address the IT related needs of business enterprise and to ensure clients that they get the best value from their IT investments.




 At N-Pax , quality is just a by-product. It results naturally from whatever we set our minds and hearts to.